Sound not coming through Speakers

If you do not hear the sound coming out of the Speakers, but instead coming from the TV or Projector, you will need to follow the steps below to resolve this.


1. Locate the speaker icon in your System Tray in the bottom right corner of your desktop (next to your time/date).

2. Right-click this icon and select Playback Devices

3. Here, you have a list of all of the HDMI Outputs, Audio Outputs, and possibly some other output options. 

4. Normally, you will want to click on the option that says Speakers/Headphones and click the Set Default button below.

5. Click Apply and OK to close out of the Playback Devices Window.

6. Go back into MediaShout and play a video/audio file to verify that the sound now comes through the speakers/sound system instead of the TV/Projector.


Note: If you do not hear the sound coming out of your speakers, check in the bottom corner of your desktop and right-click the speaker icon in the System Tray and click Open Volume Mixer and see if the volume meter is moving up and down.  If it is, the sound is working, it just needs to be redirected to the correct device (Speakers/Headphones).