Save to Library not working

In MediaShout 6.2.62, we may have found a Bug (SIX-1795) that prevents the "Save to Library" option from working. Here is what we have found,

When applying ANY change from the "Cue And Page Options" window under the Home tab, it will not let you save the changes to your Lyric Database. A side effect of this issue is, any Script containing Lyric Cues that have been modified using the Cue and Page Options in the Ribbon will not import/cannot be added to another computer from the script.

Instead, to apply the changes successfully, make sure to apply them by clicking on the Cue Options button in the upper right corner of the cue itself. To fix any cues already created, you must delete the cue and reinsert it and then make the changes using the Cue Options button in the upper right corner of the cue.

We apologize for the frustration this is causing, but we have our developers currently working on this bug and they hope to have it resolved soon.