Additional Lyrics for MediaShout 6

We install a Lyric library that contains 283 of the most popular hymns and songs with MediaShout 6 by default. If you need additional lyrics, the following two files may be downloaded and imported into MediaShout 6:

MediaShout Collection

MediaShout Spanish Lyrics


Click HERE for step by step instructions on how to add these files to your Lyric library.

These files are packaged as ZIP files to speed up downloading, but you will need to unzip them before importing into MediaShout. To do this, right-click on the file after downloading it to your computer, select Extract All…, and then follow the instructions to select a destination for the unzipped files. Please note where they are saved so that you will know where to import them from within MediaShout.

NOTE: These files are saved in the same format as MediaShout script files (.ssc). Do NOT, however, double-click on these and attempt to open them as scripts because they are far too large for MediaShout to handle as scripts.