Going into Dual or Triple Screen Mode

Although the process and end result is the same, the method by which you set up MediaShout to show your presentation is a little bit different in MediaShout 6 than in previous versions. 

Step 1: Go to the Settings Tab

Step 2: Click the Dropdown Menu called 1 Display and Set it to 2 Displays (or 3 displays if you are using a Stage display)

If you see the dropdown menu like above then you're all set and ready to show MediaShout presentations by just double clicking on one of the cues in your script.

I Don't Have The Option For 2 Displays

If for some reason you are not seeing anything other than "1 Display" in that dropdown menu, close MediaShout and open your Windows Display Settings (Win10: Right click desktop and select Display Settings Win7/8: Right click desktop and select Screen Resolution. The screenshot below is Windows 10, but you will have the option in any Windows version to verify this) 

If you have 2 monitors connected to your computer and they are being recognized by Windows, they will be denoted by a monitor icon with the number "1" and "2". 

If you do not see 2 monitor icons, make sure that the secondary screen is plugged in. If you see a single icon with "1/2" in the monitor icon, you will need to set the "Multiple Displays" to "Extend these displays". 

Once you've made the change, click Apply and Keep These Changes.

After you have made the adjustments to the Windows Display Settings, reopen MediaShout and follow the steps above to set it to 2 Displays.

But Wait, I Have A Mac. What About Me?

If you're using MediaShout 6 for Mac and you're having difficulty showing your presentation the process is slightly different. 

Step 1: Close MediaShout

Step 2: Click on the Apple Menu/System Preferences/Mission Control

Step 3: You will need to make sure that "Displays Have Separate Spaces" in Unchecked

Step 4: Once unchecked, log out of your computer and log back in 

Step 5: You may also need to go to the Apple Menu/System Preferences/Displays then the Arrangement tab and be sure that Mirror Displays is NOT checked.

Step 6: Open MediaShout

Step 7: Click on the Settings Tab

Step 8: Set your Displays dropdown to "2 Displays"