Supported Media File Types

Mediashout supports many types of graphic, video, and audio files. Below is a list of supported file types:



  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png) *Transparent png or alpha channel also supported
  • Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (.bmp)
  • Windows Metafile (.wmf)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (.gif, .jif) *animation/movement not supported
  • Icons and Cursors (.ico, .cur)


  • MPEG-1&2 (.mpg, .mpeg, .mpe, .m1v, .m2v)
  • Video for Windows (.avi, .wmv, .asf)
  • **QuickTime - Cinepak (.mov, .qt)
  • **Apple Video (.m4v, .mp4) *h.264 recommended, Apple Pro Res not supported in Windows*
  • DivX compressed (.divx)
  • DVD video (.vob) Note: .vob files are files copied from a DVD. Since all DVD's are not created the same, playback results may vary. If the files do not play, or play without audio, using a free utility like Handbrake may help. Click HERE for a link to their website. You may also use the Insert DVD function of Mediashout to use the integrated player.

*Flash Video NOT supported (for example, .flv, .swf)

 **For these formats, you will need to follow the instructions for installing the K-Lite Codec Pack.


  • MPEG-3 (.mp3)
  • MPEG-4 (.m4a)
  • Windows Sound (.wav)
  • Windows Media Audio (.wma)
  • Audio Interchange File (.aif, .aiff)
  • Band in Hand Song (.bih)
  • MIDI (.mid, .rmi)
  • Sound (.snd, .au)