v7 - How do I find my MediaShout 7 License Key

There are a couple of ways to find your MediaShout 7 License Key:


If you have access to your MediaShout 7 program:

-Open MediaShout 7

-Go to Help and then About

-Your License Number will be listed there (begins with 334)




If you DO NOT have access to your MediaShout 7 program:

-Go to www.mediashout.com/account

-Log in with your username (email address used to purchase MediaShout) and your Password (click Forgot Password if you have never logged in before).

-On the menu on the left, click License Keys to find your Licenses.



Lastly, the License was emailed to the email address on the account immediately after the order was placed. Go through your emails to find the email with the License Key.