How to Logout of SongSelect within MediaShout 7

Occasionally, you may need to log out of SongSelect within MediaShout to troubleshoot any SongSelect issues. 

Below are the steps to do that.

First, please navigate to to make sure you're logged out of the SongSelect website. 

1. Within MediaShout 7, open the Lyrics Library and select the EDIT Tab.
2. Select the last icon on the far left (see pic). It will log you out of SongSelect and return you to "My library".

3. Select SongSelect under Select Library and it will bring you to the SongSelect website to login. Enter your credentials
4. On the next page, you will see a long code and you will copy the code to a window in MS7. Then, click Confirm.
5. You will then be able to search SongSelect.

NOTE: You may need to close MS7 and reboot the computer. Here's our KB article on connecting to SongSelect & Autoreporting.

If you have any trouble with this, please email for more assistance.