What has changed in v7.6.2?

Changes & Improvements in MediaShout 7.6.2


  1. NEW FEATURE - New options for script Auto-scroll
    • Previous versions of MediaShout offered multiple options for how the Auto-Scroll feature worked, and we have now brought those options to MediaShout 7! With the modified control at the bottom of the script, you can now select between having the active cue in the script stay at the Top, in the Middle (default), at the Bottom, or not Auto-Scroll at all (Off).
  2. NEW FEATURE - Show subfolders in the Media Library tabs
    • We have had many requests to show additional subfolders within the main folder which the user assigns for the Media Library, so now you have your wish! Each subfolder is shown as an expandable drop-down item, and by default all folders are collapsed so you can quickly navigate to the folder you want to use. In addition to the Media Library, that area is also home to any files which you have downloaded using our built in Shift Worship integration. (Adding these additional folders has also expanded the opportunity for a corrupt file in a subfolder to cause problems, so please see this article if you experience a crash when attempting to open a new or existing script using this release.)
  3. IMPROVEMENT - Font size control loses focus when mouse is moved off
    • Previously, when you clicked on the font size to manually enter a numeric value, if you moved your mouse off of the control it would become deselected and you would have to start over. That was annoying, so we fixed it!
  4. IMPROVEMENT - Collapse positioning tool after selection
    • The positioning tool (also referred to as the 'Object Placement' tool) in the toolbar had an annoying habit of staying dropped down in the way after you selected the position you desired. We changed that behavior to match other drop-down items and collapse out of the way after you make a selection. 
  5. IMPROVEMENT - Cached CCLI account info is cleared after logout
    • When you log out of your CCLI SongSelect account, we now remove any cached account name and number info as well as sending a logout command to your web browser to be sure that it is also logged out of the CCLI website.
  6. IMPROVEMENT - Default media library paths have been updated
    • The new feature (listed above) which shows all subfolders within the Media library file paths caused some unexpected issues when the Media library folders were left at the previous default values (C:\Users\Public\My Shout\MS7). To avoid future issues, and to set those to a more useful default, if you have never changed those paths this release will update those to be located under the My Shout folder in a new folder called Media (C:\Users\Public\My Shout\Media). If you had already changed those locations to something you prefer (other than the MS7 folder), no changes will be made to your configuration. In either case, no files will be moved or deleted.
  7. FIXED - Script fails to open if a corrupt media file is included in script
    • If something goes wrong when saving an SC7X script (which includes the bundled media), it is possible to end up with a script which includes a media file that wasn't completely or correctly transferred. In those cases, previous releases of v7 could not open the script at all, and it was often difficult or impossible for us to manually recover the script ourselves. Beginning with this release, if a bundled media file is corrupt and cannot be opened, an error will be presented and the file will be treated as missing media and can be replaced using the Missing Media option under the File menu. But the rest of the script will open and you can continue using it. (TIP: When you are saving a script, ALWAYS let the script completely save without interrupting the process or forcing MediaShout to close. It may look like v7 is unresponsive, but it is still working in the background to process all of the media files in your script, and that can take a considerable amount of time if they are large. If you interrupt that process, you may end up corrupting files and needing this feature!)
  8. FIXED - Audio playback does not show status in the Playback Controls(see below)​​​​​​
  9. FIXED - Audio files do not follow loop or 'play times' settings
    • Both of these audio file related issues have been resolved. We had applied a previous change which improved the playback of MP3 files, but we later learned that what we changed caused these two issues. Further investigation revealed that the audio playback speed adjustment feature was actually causing the MP3 playback problems, so we elected to disable that in this release in order to fix both of these issues while still keeping correct MP3 playback. If you use the audio playback speed adjustment feature regularly, please continue using the previous release and let us know that you miss it. We plan to find a long term fix that will bring back the audio speed adjustment, but knowing how many users need it will help us determine how to prioritize that. 
  10. FIXED - Timer key object stops and resets during Library 'Fire mode' use
    • The key timers are a pretty advanced feature that not very many users implement, but some had noticed that there were certain actions, like using Fire mode in the Bible or Lyrics window, that would cause a running countdown timer to reset. We have fixed some instances of this issue, but there is still at least one situation where it continues to be reset, so we will keep working to improve this feature. 

(2024-03-21, DF)