Transferring MediaShout 6 files from one PC to another.

Occasionally users need to transfer their MediaShout 6 files to another computer in order to use the same script files, songs, etc on the new computer.  Here is the best way to do this:

(NOTE:  In MediaShout 6, you will need to Deactivate your license before you activate it on the new computer if the old computer is no longer going to be used for MediaShout. In the upper right corner of the program, you will see an italicized ( i ). Clicking this will open another window where you will see your license code (Please make note of this code) and a Deactivate button.  This is to release one of your activations so that you can use it on the new computer and will not prevent you from accessing your files.  If you exceed your total number of allotted activations, it will not let you activate a copy for use on a new computer, until at least one of the older computers is deactivated.


  1. On the old computer, you will need to copy two directories to an external device. The My Shout folder (C:\Users\Public\)  and the MediaComplete folder (C:\ProgramData\). These two folders contains all the necessary files needed for the program such as the media, bibles, song database, etc. Please keep in mind, this does not include media files you have stored elsewhere on the computer. These files will need to be transferred in the same manner as the My Shout  and MediaComplete folders.
  2. Now that you have the folders on an external device, on that external device, open the MediaShout 6 folder located in the MediaComplete folder.
  3. From here, delete the 4 files that begin with the #7 (if present) and the files located in the Lic folder. MediaShout will recreate these files as you activate. 
  4. Take the copied My Shout and MediaComplete folder to the new computer and place them in in their default locations as noted above.
  5. Install MediaShout 6 on the new computer. Please download a new copy of the software by clicking HERE. Use this new download instead of using an install disc. The prevents the immediate need for updating after you install the software.

Keep in mind, ProgramData is a hidden folder on some systems. If you do not see it, go to Folder Options and on the View tab, select to show hidden files, folders and drives.


If you have any other files that you use in MediaShout, such as pictures or videos, located somewhere other than the My Shout folder, then you will need to copy them separately and put them in the exact same location on the new computer.  If you don't have the exact same directory structure on the new computer, then we recommend reorganizing your media and other files in the My Shout folder before you transfer the My Shout folder to the new computer.