Supported PowerPoint Versions with MediaShout 6 (Windows)

The following PowerPoint versions are fully supported with MediaShout 6 on Windows:

1) PowerPoint 2010 (any version)
2) PowerPoint Viewer '97 (Only supported on Windows 7)


The following PowerPoint versions MAY work with MediaShout 6 on Windows (See note below):

1) PowerPoint 2007
2) PowerPoint 2013 (any version)
3) PowerPoint 2016 (any version)
4) PowerPoint 365 (any version)

*NOTE: With PowerPoint 2013, 2016, and 365, Microsoft changed the installer from an MSI installer to Click-to-Run.  This means that you no longer choose what components are installed.  Instead, as you use the program, the necessary components will be installed, but only as you need them.  Unfortunately there is no way to force certain components to be installed so that MediaShout can work with these versions.  Additionally, these programs auto-update as part of the subscription and may break functionality with MediaShout.

The following PowerPoint versions are NOT supported with MediaShout 6 on Windows:

1) PowerPoint 2003 and earlier
2) PowerPoint Viewer 2007
3) PowerPoint Viewer 2010
4) Other Presentation Software (OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc.)