How to Add your own Templates to the Sermon Builder

In the new update to MediaShout 7, (7.6.1), we have added the ability for you to create your own Templates for the Sermon Builder.


If you want a template to work correctly at all resolutions, create it at 1024x768. It will scale UP very gracefully.

Bible Templates:

A Sermon Builder template must consist of exactly 3 cues, with the first two being either Blank or Text cues, and the third being a Bible cue, and they must be titled Title, Point, and Scripture.

1. Make a copy of the one called 'Template 6_Basic-NoBG' and edit that one.
2. Change the file extension to sc7x, and voila, you have a three cue script!
3. Edit what you want, but do NOT change the page names!
    a. Don't add any more pages.
    b. The contents of the various objects should be what is already in the object of the existing templates, so it is recommend to not change the actual text.
c. The background, formatting of the text, textbox size and position, etc. can be changed.
4. When done, save it with a different name.
5. Change the file extension to sc7sbtemp
6. Move it to the Templates folder.