MediaShout 7 Terminology


MediaShout 7 Terminology


We're so glad to have you as a part of our MediaShout 7 family! To help get you set up for success, we've made the above video and this article in order to help clarify the terminology of our program and limit as much confusion as possible for you as you go! 


Display Screen Terminology

  1. Control Screen - The screen you control MediaShout 7 from.
  2. The Main Screen - The screen that the audience sees and pays attention to. Usually a projector or large TV monitor
  3. The Stage Screen - The screen that the pastor and the worship team would see. This is an optional "confidence monitor" that is usually put up on the back wall.


Control Screen Terminology

  1. The Script Area- The left side of the program where your cues are listed. You can arrange your order of service here.
  2. Cue - The content, scriptures, lyrics, and announcements found in the script itself on the left side of the program.
  3. Pages- The slides beneath the cues. The additional stanzas, verses, and announcements are beneath each cue.
  4. Inline Editor - The middle screen where you edit the cues and pages 
  5. The Fire Button - The small "play button" on the cue itself. You can use this to send the cue to the main and stage display. You can also double-click to "fire" your cue as well.


Do You Still Need Help?

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