Software terminology and versions can sometimes be confusing, and we frequently get questions when a new release will require a fee or additional purchase, so here's an explanation of those details.

Updates vs. Upgrades

Our updates are always free! These updates include bug fixes, stability improvements, and sometimes include awesome new features that we we're too excited to hold until a major upgrade. An update would be from MediaShout 4.4 to MediaShout 4.5 or MediaShout 5.0 to MediaShout 5.1. Every update has a different build number, but for minor updates we don't change the version number. Sometimes we create builds for testing purposes only, so not all updates are consecutive builds, but every update will be a higher build number than the previous one. To find out if any updates are available, or to download those an update, version 4 & 5 users can go to MediaShout's Help menu, and then select Check for Updates. V6 users can go to the File menu and select Check for Updates (By the way, don't get too hung up on the .1 or .5 part of the version number. That is still the same product as the first digit, but it indicates a significantly large number of updates and feature enhancements than the previous 'point-something' that came before it.)

We release major upgrades to our software every few years, and we hope you find the new features compelling enough to upgrade, but again, that's your call!  An upgrade would be where we go from MediaShout 3 to MediaShout 4, or 4 to 5.  Those always cost something, but much less than purchasing the full version. The upgrade is always discounted for those who have purchased the previous version. An upgrade can be purchased by either calling us or visiting our website. After purchasing that license you can download the new version from our website, install it on your computer, and then activate it using your license code. 

Are there annual fees?

When you buy MediaShout, it yours!  We're not going to disable or cripple features in order to "persuade" you to upgrade to a later version.  You pay one time for your license and that license is good, for that version of the software, forever.  There are no annual subscription fees for software updates or support! Once we have released a new upgrade we continue to support the previous version for at least a year, and then we discontinue official support for the older product. If you're content with what the old version offers, though, you're certainly free to continue using it as is.