CCLI SongSelect Integration no longer working for Non MediaShout 7 products


CCLI SongSelect is a game changer when it comes to easily entering worship lyrics into MediaShout. Since its integration was first made available, we've implemented it in every version, starting with MediaShout 4.

Integrating SongSelect into MediaShout (and any other software) relies on an "API" which is like a bridge between two software platforms. Unfortunately, the API that was used in MediaShout 6 and older is being retired by CCLI SongSelect, and will no longer be operational after June 2023.

A new API from CCLI SongSelect that works for MediaShout 7 has been provided to us and is in the process of being implemented (and with it comes new features like auto-reporting!) However, it is not compatible with older versions of MediaShout.

How does this affect Version 6 and legacy program users?

  • SongSelect's automatically populated lyrics inside MediaShout will no longer work
  • Any existing song that is already downloaded will remain in the library with no issue

  • Users may still download lyrics text from the SongSelect website and manually type or copy/paste them into MediaShout's lyrics library

What should MediaShout 6 and legacy program users do?

  • Users have the option of continuing to use their older software without the benefits of CCLI SongSelect integration meaning they would need to type in or copy/paste song lyrics manually
  • To continue using CCLI SongSelect integration as well as the brand-new auto-reporting feature when it is available, users can upgrade to MediaShout 7