How do I use my Plus Membership benefits?

Thank you for subscribing to MediaShout Plus! Below you will find instructions on how to download your monthly media packs, sign up for exclusive training webinars, and your variety of options for contacting Plus Member support.
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Your Subscription ID is very important! You will need to have this number on hand when you call support or call to get "How do I" questions answered. Be sure to share this with anyone from your church who may be calling for help. You can also add users with the new MediShout Plus Team Member Access.

The MediaShout Plus Membership is a monthly or yearly recurring subscription. It will automatically renew every month or year on or around the date it was purchased. Subscription charges are non-refundable, so please remember to log in and manage your subscription if you would like to suspend or cancel your membership benefits. (Keep in mind, this does prevent access to all plus benefits from the moment of cancelation) If you need assistance, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Important Notice About Future $1 Charges You May See

On occasion, our system will re-authorize your card with a $1 transaction and will void it immediately. Please note this will not actually deduct any amount from your card. The process is necessary in order to continue the subscription.

Most Plus benefits are self-explanatory but we have highlighted the most common below.

Phone Support

To contact phone support, simply call the special Plus phone number at 615.983.5934 and follow the phone prompts for MediaShout Plus Members. You also need to have your Subscription ID available.

Submitting a Support Ticket

MediaShout Plus Members need to log into their MediaShout Account and choose "MediaShout Plus Ticket Submit" to enter your question. These will be routed separately of standard tickets and given priority status.

Download the Media Pack

To download your monthly media pack, you will need to log into your MediaShout Account and choose "MediaShout Plus Media Download."

Register for the Next Education Webinar

To see what the next MediaShout Plus training event is and to register for it you will need to log into your MediaShout Account and choose "MediaShout Plus Webinar Signup."

If you have any questions on how to access your MediaShout Plus benefits, just call the Plus line!


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