INFO: While this article walks through the Announcement Loop feature on the advanced tab, our FAVORITE way that we advise to run announcement loops is within a MediaShout script. Let us show you! You can find a video demonstration HERE:

The Announcement Loops pop-up window is used to manage the Announcement Library and to create loops. Loops are announcement groups that contain one or more cues.

Create announcements then set them to run according to a schedule. They can be looped, shuffled, and advanced either manually or automatically. You can even create custom tags so it is easy to add existing announcements to new loops.


Building an Announcement Library

Any existing Text or Blank/Media cue can be converted to an announcement cue. These cues are stored in the Announcement Library and can be added to a script or loop.

To convert a cue to an announcement, follow these steps:

  1. In the Script Area, right-click a cue.
  2. Click Add to Announcement Library. The Announcement Loops pop-up window opens

The announcement is added to the library for use as a standalone cue to use in a script or to be added to an Announcement loop.

To see ALL of your Announcement Cue's, simply click Announcement Library:

To create a new loop, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add New Loop. Type a unique name then click + to add it to the library.
  2. Click the Tag button then select which tags should be included in the loop. To create a new tag, enter it into the text field then click the tag icon.

Then, you can add Tag's to specific cue's in your Announcement Library to add them to the specific Loop that also has that Tag.

To do this, click on Announcement Library (to view all of your Announcement Cue's). Then, down where the cues are, under each cue, click the first down arrow to add a Tag or to choose a Tag. This will add you to the Loop(s) that have this Tag.


Note: Multiple different Loops as well as Cue's can have the same Tag. 

Lastly, once you have created your Announcement Loop, you can then Target it and automatically Fire it using a Script Control. Go to Insert Elements and Script Control. Then, set your Target to Announcement Loop and in the second dropdown box, choose the specific Loop that you want to Fire:


Here is a link to the Announcement Loop section of our User Guide