Quicktime with MediaShout

You may have read about vulnerabilities in QuickTime for Windows. Trend Micro (a computer security company) issued a public statement reporting that QuickTime for Windows has 2 serious vulnerabilities and that Apple will not be updating QuickTime to fix the issues. To our knowledge, Apple has not responded or issued its own statement about this situation and QuickTime for Windows is still available for download from Apple.  Also, it is important to know there is no evidence these vulnerabilities have been exploited at this time.


What does this mean for our MediaShout users? The good news is MediaShout 5 and MediaShout 6 both take advantage of the K-lite Codec Pack and don't need QuickTime to play MOV and MP4 files. You can safely uninstall QuickTime, if you wish, by following these instructions with no affect on MediaShout’s ability to play video files. If you run into issues after uninstalling QuickTime, you may need to reinstall the K-lite Codecs from our website.  Regardless of what version of windows you are using and what version of MediaShout you have, these instructions will work just fine. 


Please keep in mind that other software programs on your computer may need QuickTime to work correctly (i.e. Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere). We suggest checking with the makers of your other software programs before uninstalling QuickTime.


We provide this information for your benefit and encourage you to evaluate for yourself whether or not any action needs to be taken.