Using PowerPoint files within MediaShout 7

With Office 2019 removing even more of the third-party tools, we have moved away from requiring PowerPoint and instead offer the ability to import your PPT/PPTX file as images or even as native MediaShout Cues which give you full editing capability without needing to have or open PowerPoint at all.

Within MediaShout 7, click Insert and go down to Import. Here, you will find the options: Import PPT/PPTX as Images and Import PPT/PPTX presentation.

Importing PPT/PPTX as Images will convert each slide of the PowerPoint presentation to images.

Importing PPT/PPTX presentation will bring the PowerPoint presentation in as MediaShout cue's with pages.

The way that some PowerPoint presentations are built, you may see some discrepancy between what gets brought into MediaShout and what you built in PowerPoint. For instance, here is an image of the PowerPoint file I Imported as Images:


And here is an image of that same PowerPoint file Imported as Presentation:

You'll notice that the second image is showing a black background when it should be white. And, because of that, you cannot read the black text on top of it. If this happens, you can go in and set the background to be a solid white color and that will be applied to all pages of that cue. This can also happen to some videos and images. If so, just add the video/image in through MediaShout.