PowerPoint Presentation Configuration settings

There are a number of problems that can arise if you attempt to insert a PowerPoint presentation into a slideshow cue and the settings are not correct in the PowerPoint file.  Examples include:

  • PowerPoint control screen popping up over the MediaShout control screen
  • Main Display remaining black after exiting the slideshow cue
  • Output of slideshow cue incorrectly sized on the Main Display
  • The PowerPoint keeps going back to the first slide and will not play the next slide.


These issues can be avoided by ensuring that the following settings are properly set within the PowerPoint file. Although the first 3 are global settings in PowerPoint, the last 2 are file specific settings under Design/Page Setup:

  • Set your PowerPoint presentation resolution to "Use current resolution".
  • Make sure that 'Show on' is set to "Monitor 2...".
  • Be sure that the "Use Presenter View" is unchecked.
  • From the Design Tab, make sure the Page Setup settings for "Slides sized for:" is set to match the aspect ratio of your Main Display
  • From the Design Tab,  make sure the Page Setup settings for "Number slides from:" is set to "1".


The location of these settings in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 is shown here: