MediaShout 7 - Can't Open File

If you're reading this article, you have more than likely seen or experienced the "Can't Open File" issue above first hand. If you receive a message that says  "MediaShout 7 Can't Open File", there are more than likely a few things going on.

As a team, we are actively digging into this issue and are looking for permanent fixes from the developers to allow your experience as a user to be better and satisfying! In our research so far, we have found a few helpful things to check that may help prevent this issue for you and your team moving forward.

Please check the following:


1.) Duplicate file names in your script

If you use multiple media files in a script which have different variations of filename case structure but are otherwise the same, your script will not be able to be opened after you save and reopen it.

My File 1.jpg
my File 1.jpg
my file 1.jpg

Windows will see all of these as the same filename because it is 'case insensitive' and it considers only the characters themselves -- not case. Windows will never let you store all of these files in the same directory, and that is the root of the issue. 

2.) Scripts are larger than 4Gb in file size

If your script is larger than 4Gb, this can cause an issue.  Either break up script into multiple scripts or, if you are using video files, try running them through Handbrake to possibly lower the file size.