MediaShout 7 Launches Into Black Screen or Black Covers Control Screen After Firing

If MediaShout 7 launches into a mode that is covering your control screen with black when you launch the software or after you fire a cue/page, there is usually an easy solution. In most cases, if you press F2 and/or F3, it should turn the black screen off and allow you to see the Control Screen and the Settings window so you can redefine the display outputs before firing again. To see this in action, we have created an article that explains Setting Up Your Screens in MediaShout.

  • F2 toggles the Main Display output on or off
  • F3 toggles the Stage Display output on or off 

After this, open up the program, go to "Settings" and then "Displays". On the left side of that window make sure that "Enable Displays on launch" is set to "Hide" so that this issue doesn't keep happening to you! :)

Note: If you are on a laptop, please note that you MAY need to find the "Fn" key and hold it down while pressing F2 or F3 to activate the "function key" mode on your keyboard.


If that doesn't work, email to let us know!