Using Windows 7 and Windows 8 with MediaShout 7

With the latest update to MediaShout 7 (7.4), we've implemented a new Song Database (Mongo DB). This new Database style only works with Windows 10 and later.


For this reason, we must insist that any customer running Windows 8 or older download the update from this link instead:


IF you have already installed the 7.4 update from Monday (2/21/2022), please go through the following steps:


1. Restart your system (this ensures a fresh start with no MediaShout 7 files running in the background)

2. Go to C:\Users\Public\My Shout\MS7\Lyrics folder and rename the Library.bak file to Library.json

3. Uninstall MediaShout 7 (Go to Apps and Features to find MediaShout 7 and Uninstall).

4. Download and Install this specific version of MediaShout 7:

5. Once reinstalled, launch MediaShout 7 and it should now open and you'll retain your same Lyric Library.


If needed, here is a link to a YouTube video that explains how to make extensions visible and how to edit them.