How to Install MediaShout 7 Updates:

How to Install MediaShout 7 Updates:
In MediaShout 7.3 we've added in an Auto-Update Feature that will notify you of any updates to MediaShout 7 when you launch the program.
Additionally, we've added a Check for Updates button located within the Help Menu of MediaShout 7 to make it easy to check to see if there are any updates.
If you are 7.2 or lower, you will need to follow these steps to update to the newest build of MediaShout 7:
  1. If MediaShout 7 is currently running on your computer, close it.
  2. Click here to go to our download page.
  3. Click "Download MediaShout 7 for Windows" button to begin the download.
  4. Once the file has completed downloading, run the file. It will install over top of your previous version. You will NOT lose any information.