Importing MediaShout 4, 5, and 6 Song Library into MediaShout 7

As you get started with MediaShout 7, you may be coming from an older version of MediaShout and you need your Song Library. This article will show you how to bring your songs over from each version.

From MediaShout 4/4.5:

Step 1: Make sure that you have your "Decks" setup on the left-hand side of MediaShout. If you do not, go to Window and check the Box for Songs to have the Songs Deck Show.

Step 2: Click the Song Library Tools (Large Down Arrow) menu and select Compact and Repair Library. When it says it has been compacted, click OK (see attached pic)

Step 3: Click the Song Library Tools menu again and select Export Songs

Step 4: Select Song text file and click Next.

Step 5: Click the Browse button. If it does not open a new window, click Back, select a different export option, click Next and then Back again. Re-select the Song text file option and click Next and then click the Browse button.

Step 6: Give the file a name and save it on the Desktop so it is easier to find later.

Step 7: Right-click the file on the Desktop and choose Send To > Compressed (zipped) file

Step 8: Send us an email to with this compressed file attached and we can convert the Library for you to be used in MediaShout 7. We appreciate your patience with this as it can take 24-48 hours to complete the conversion.


From MediaShout 5 or MediaShout 6:

Step 1: Open MediaShout and click Insert Lyric (in v5 click Insert and then choose Lyric)

Step 2:  In the song list, single click to select on any song

Step 3: Press Control + A to select all songs (or Right-Click in the library and choose Select All) OR click the first song in the list, then scroll down to the bottom, hold the SHIFT key and click the last song. This will select all of the songs in your library.

Step 4: Right-click any of the selected songs and click Export Lyrics

Step 5: Make sure the file type is set to .SSC (MediaShout scripts) using the drop-down selection box and then give it a name like MediaShout 6 Songs and click Save

Step 6: Open MediaShout 7 and click the Insert Lyrics button.

Step 7: Click the Import Lyrics button in the bottom left corner (piece of paper icon with an arrow going into it). and choose the .SSC file that you exported from MediaShout 6