Creating Songs From Scratch Using the Lyric Library - V7

Creating Your Songs From Scratch In MediaShout 7


Building and creating songs in Version 7 is an essential feature for creating your presentations for Sunday morning. Not knowing how to do this is frustrating and time-consuming, so we decided walking you through the steps will help in eliminating these unnecessary frustrations. Here are the steps to do this:


Step 1.

Open the Songs Library Window, identified by the music note icon at the top left of the program:



Step 2.

Once the Song Library is open you will see a tab at the top middle of it for "Edit", "Insert", and "Fire". For this step make sure it is set to "Edit"


Step 3.

Click the "+" icon at the top left of the Songs Library window to create and give your new song a name.


Step 4.

You can add your "Song ID", "Authors", "Copyright", and "CCLID" for each song by hitting the dropdown next to its name if you choose to do so here:


Step 5.

After this, you'll want to type in your first verse. To do this, double-click on "Type text here..." and begin typing or paste in your text. You'll then want to add your second verse, chorus, bridge, or desired stanza by clicking the dropdown beneath "Type of Stanza" and then hitting "Add". Continue to type in the added stanzas as needed.

Step 6.

At this point, we're ready to move to the "Insert Tab" in the Song Library. When you do, you'll get prompted to "Save changes to the library?" at which point you can either save the stanzas you've added or changed or not (most times you will want to save this).

Step 7.

The "Insert Tab" will look a bit different than the "Edit Tab". You'll see it is a more "compacted view" and that you can click and drag to rearrange the order of these cues from here as well. This is the tab that allows you to add the stanzas and move them so that they are in the order you'd prefer when you insert the lyrics into the script. To add the stanzas into the arrangement of the song, click the dropdown list for type of stanza to choose the stanza you'd like to add to the arrangement of the song you will insert.

Step 8. 

After you've added your verses and rearranged them in the "insert tab", all you need to do is choose a template located at the bottom of the lyric window and then press "Insert Lyrics" and the song should be inside of the script for your service!



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