Installing Multiple Builds of MediaShout 7

It is possible to have more than one version (build) of MediaShout 7 on the same computer. This is useful when you want to test a new build without the need for uninstalling and reinstalling. And if something should go wrong, you can simply launch the previous build without issue.

1) Go to C:\Program Files\MediaShout\MediaShout 7
2) Right-click on the MediaShout 7 folder and choose COPY
3) Right-click in a blank area of this window and choose PASTE (it will past a folder called "MediaShout 7 - copy")
4) Rename the "MediaShout 7 - copy" folder to "MediaShout 7 B1" (or whatever this build is)
5) Open the newly renamed folder folder and find the MediaShout 7 application (MediaShout 7.exe)
6) Right-Click on this file and choose Send To->Desktop (create Shortcut)
7) Go to the Desktop and rename this shortcut to "MediaShout 7 B1" (or something similar for easy identification)
8) Now install the new MediaShout 7 Build as normal. You will end up with two desktop icons (one for Build 1 and one for Build 2).