Working with the Media Library

One of the many Features of MediaShout 7 is the Media Library found on the right side of MediaShout. This Media Library can point to a folder on your computer that contains your images and videos. This makes it extremely easy to find and pull in an image or video for your service!

When you first load MediaShout, your Library section will be blank. To add media into this Library, you must click the Settings Menu at the top of MediaShout.

In the Settings Window, you can click the Browse buttons under Library Options to search for and select the folder that contains your Images and again for your Videos (they might be the same folder or they might be different).

Once you set your Folders, you can then go back to the Library Tab on the right side of MediaShout to see a list of Images and Videos. From here, you can drag and drop these images/videos onto specific cues and pages.