Backup Cues Library in MediaShout 7

The Cues Library in MediaShout 7 allows you to store Cues that you build in your services for later. That way, you don't have to build the same thing twice.

We recommend that you Backup this Cues Library file every few months to ensure that you don't lose any important data.


Below are the steps to Backup the Cues Library folder:

1) Make sure MediaShout 7 is closed.

2) Click on the Attachment "COPY CUES LIBRARY FOLDER.bat" to download the file.

3) Run this file (or double click the file name, once downloaded).

4) You will likely see the following screens:

Please click the More Info link

Choose Run Anyway.

5) Next, the Command Prompt on your computer will open and it will look similar to this screen:

Just tap any key on your keyboard or just let it time-out and that's it!

6) On your Desktop, you will find a CuesLibrary folder

7) Move this folder to an external drive (Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, etc.) to ensure that you will have it if your hard drive on the computer ever crashes.


Email if you have any questions or issues going through this.