Making the Upgrade to MediaShout 7

MediaShout 7 is our most intuitive and stable program to date. We wanted to make your upgrade process from MediaShout 6 to MediaShout 7 as direct as possible.

The Song Library is going to be the most important thing, and can be carried over very easily.

How do I get my Song Library into MediaShout 7?

Step 1: Open MediaShout 6 and click Insert Lyric

Step 2:  In the song list, single click to select on any song

Step 3: Press Control + A to select all songs (or Right-Click in the library and choose Select All)

Step 4: Right-click any of the selected songs and click Export Lyrics

Step 5: Make sure the file type is set to .SSC (MediaShout scripts) using the drop-down selection box and then give it a name like MediaShout 6 Songs and click Save

Step 6: Open MediaShout 7 and click the Insert Lyrics button.

Step 7: In the top right corner, click the Edit Tab.

Step 8: Click the Import Lyrics button in the bottom left corner (piece of paper icon with an arrow going into it). and choose the .SSC file that you exported from MediaShout 6

How do I get my scripts/slideshows from MediaShout 6 into MediaShout 7?

Step 1. Go to MediaShout 6 and open the file you'd like to have moved into MediaShout 7.

Step 2. Save the MediaShout 6 file as an "sscx" file type and put that onto the system that has MediaShout 7 on it if you're using two different systems.

Step 3. Open MediaShout 7 and "create a new script".

Step 4. Choose "Insert" at the top of MediaShout 7, and you'll see an option to "Import"

Step 5. Hover over the "Import" option in the menu and you'll be able to choose "Import from V6".

Step 6. This will open your file explorer letting you choose and open the MediaShout 6 script file for usage. 

What about my Bible Versions?

Here is a link to an article that walks you through the process of adding all 70 versions of the Bible that we offer:


What about my Media (Backgrounds, Announcements, etc.)?

Use a Flash Drive or Cloud Storage to transfer the Media Files from your old computer to this new computer. On your new computer, put these media files into a good location that is easily accessible. Then, inside of MediaShout 7, in Settings, you can Browse to set your Image folder and your Video folder. Then, you will see all of your images/videos in the Library Tab on the right side of MediaShout.


So do I have to install V6.x on my computer before I install the upgrade to MediaShout 7?

MediaShout 7 is a completely separate program of V6.x.  The upgrade only requires your V7.x license code and nothing else to complete the installation and license.  It is not required to install V6.x on your new machine.  However, we designed the programs to be separate so that you could have both V6.x and MediaShout 7 on the same machine (they just can't run at the same time).  The advantage to this is that it allows you to train your team during the week on MediaShout 7 yet still run V6.x until they are comfortable with the switch.  You could do this on the new machine, but if you do, install V6.x before you install MediaShout 7 to avoid any sharing conflicts.  Otherwise, take the time to transition so that your team doesn't feel overwhelmed learning a new Windows OS and a new presentation program.


What about my V6.x license?

When you first install and activate a MediaShout 7 upgrade, it will ask for your Version 6.x license code (which starts with a 3555). It will only do this the first time. When you insert that, it will automatically pull over most of your V6.x registration (which you can update or change) as well as any additional activations you have purchased along the way. It will also make your V6.x license INACTIVE, which means you can no longer do any NEW activations of V6.x now that you have MediaShout 7 active.  However, as stated above, any existing installations of V6.x will continue to work as they always have. If you would prefer to have activation control over both V6.x and MediaShout 7, we encourage you to purchase the full version of MediaShout 7 instead. If you choose this route, please make sure you contact our team and let us know both your old V6.x code and your new MediaShout 7 full code and we will manually register and provide you with any additional activation's you may have already purchased to go into your MediaShout 7 license.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at and we will be happy to help.