Using NDI With MediaShout


     1. Go to and click NDI Tools at the top


     2. Download NDI Tools and install to a computer that you want to send a signal from.  (In this case, it will be the Sunday morning MediaShout computer)


     3. Go to Start - "NDI 4 Tools" folder and run “Screen Capture”



     4. In the bottom right corner of your computer in the Task Manager, right-click on the "NDI" icon.  Here you can set your Framerate, Audio Source, etc.



     5. On another computer (maybe for your nursery or lobby, etc.), install NDI Tools just like you did on the other computer.


     6. Go to Start - "NDI 4 Tools" folder and run “Studio Monitor”



     7. Click the menu button in the top left and select the computer name that is running “Screen Capture”.



You're all done!  You should see your main computer in real-time.