Use the Stage Display in MediaShout 7 and OBS to Stream Lyrics Lower-Thirds

We use two separate computers to stream our services. One computer has MediaShout 7 installed, and the other computer has OBS installed for streaming. Because we are using two separate computers, the latest version of NDI Tools (NDI Tools | is installed on the MediaShout 7 computer so that the Screen Capture HX program can be started when we are ready to stream.


A.    MediaShout Computer

In the following examples, the settings for using the Stage Display for streaming lower-thirds are a preference of mine. They can be changed by the user to meet the user’s requirements. The same stand true for the OBS settings.


Stage Display in MediaShout 7

I created a Stage Template called Stage-Streaming with the following properties.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated with medium confidence




  1. Stage Data 1 displays the name of the current page.
  1. Properties: X-24 px, Y-27 px, W-277 px, H-71 px. Font-Arial 40 pt,

Text Color- FFFFC000 (Mustard), Alignment Text Top.


  1. Stage Data 3 to display the next stanza.
  1. Properties: X-20 px, Y-623 px, W-1240 px, H-83 px. Font-Arial 54 pt,

Text Color- FF00B050 (Green), Bold, Alignment Text Top.




  1. Lyrics Textbox.
  1. Properties: X-20 px, Y-80 px, W-1240 px, H-371 px. Font-Helvetica 52 pt,

Text Color- FFFFFFFF (White), Alignment Text Horizontal, Alignment Text Centered.


Here’s what the Preview Screens in MediaShout 7 look like.




Here’s what the Stage Display (Confidence Monitor) for the Worship team looks like.



B.    OBS

  1. OBS requires the OBS-NDI plugin so that it can capture various sources via Wi-Fi. It can be downloaded from obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio | OBS Forums (
  2. We use a Scene called MS-Lyrics to create our lower thirds for broadcasting. It contains 3 Sources. A Lyrics source, a Lyrics Background source, and a MS-Camera-1 source.
  1. Lyrics Source
  1. Using the NDI Source plugin, we capture the Stage Display on the MediaShout 7’s computer. In the example, it’s labeled “LT02 (Intel UHD Graphics 630 2)”. We also have “Allow hardware acceleration” so that the dedicated graphics card does all the processing.




Two Effect Filters are created for the Lyrics source. The Crop/Pad and the Color Key Filters.

  1. Crop/Pad Effect Filter – This filter permits the hiding of the Stage Data 1 and Stage Data 3 information from the Stage Display in MediaShout 7 from being viewed by the streaming audience. The Relative property is checked, and the Top is set to 98 and the Bottom is set to 300.




  1. Color Key Effect Filter- This filter permits us to change the opacity of the black background of the MediaShout 7 Stage Display. The Key Color Type is set to Custom Color so that we can use the “Black” Key Color. All the other settings are set at their default values.



  1. Lyrics Background
  1. A black background image was created in Paint and given a name of “Lyrics Bckgrnd-Black.png and is stored on the local hard drive.




  1. The Lyrics Background source also has two Effect Filters.
  1. Crop/Pad Effect Filter – This filter is used to position the image in the proper position on the screen. The Top is set to 555 and Relative is checked.




  1. Chroma Key Effect Filter – Is used to set the opacity of the image to the desired effect. In our case, the opacity is set to 1.0000.




  1. Camera-1

The Video Capture Source is used to capture our camera. In this demonstration, the source is an Android smartphone, “JOHNS-GALAXY-NOTE20-5G (NDI HX Camera)”, which has the NDI HX Camera App that is installed on it. Note that “Allow hardware acceleration” is checked so that the NVIDIA graphics card will perform all the processing.



And here is our OBS Studio View with all the sources and their properties and effect filters set.



MS7 Streaming Template and Bckgrnd File.

The compressed file contains two files. The _Sermon-Streaming.sc7temp MediaShout 7 tfor lower-thirds and the Lyrics Bckgrnd-Black.png file.

NOTE – The template was created on a computer with a screen resolution of 1280x720. If MediaShout 7 on your computer is set to any other resolution, you will need to adjust it to fit your screen.

Copy the _Sermon-Streaming.sc7temp template to the C:\Users\Public\My Shout\MS7\Templates folder. The Lyrics Bckgrnd-Black.png image can be placed in any folder of the user’s choosing.