Lower Thirds in MediaShout

MediaShout has the ability to move the text box and resize it to any location/size that you need. So, we make it very easy to do Lower Thirds in MediaShout!


Inside of MediaShout 7 (or MediaShout 6), you can edit what goes to your Main Display and your Stage Display. Most Churches decide to utilize the Stage Display output to do Lower Thirds for their Stream. Below are the steps to set this up using the Stage Display in MediaShout 7:


  1. To begin, we need to first set up the Main Display text box to only allow two lines (because the Lower Thirds on the Stage Display will only be able to fit 2 lines).  Like this:

  2. Next, we will click the Sync All Pages to Stage button on this Bible Cue in our Script.   (This will send the text to the Stage Display).                                                                                                                          

  3. In the bottom right corner of the program, click the Display Switch to move it from Main to Stage (this allows us to edit the Stage Display separate from the Main Display).                                                          

  4. Move the text box on the Stage Display down to the Lower Thirds of your screen:                                                         

  5. Now you can make any other edits that you need to the text (change the color, etc.). Alternatively, you can set a background color like bright green so that you can "key" out that color in most software. Then, I would suggest Saving this as a Template. To do this, simply click the Templates Up arrow in the bottom right corner (shown in the image above) and choose Save As and then give that Template a name and click Create. Now, you have a Template for Lower Thirds that you can quickly apply to other cues in the future to get them set up this way.