Importing V6 Scripts Into V7: What Works and What Doesn't?

To import a V6 script into V7, go to Insert/Import/Import from V6 and for the most part, your V6 scripts should import fine. However, there are certain Cue Types that will not import. These are Cue Types that V7 does not have or support. See the list below:

1. PPT Cues. You can import a PPT file (Insert/Import) but if it is in the V6 script as a Cue, the Cue will not import.
2. Audio Cues. These are Cues created by dragging an audio file into the script to create the Cue. Cues that have audio attached will import fine. These are commonly a Lyric Cue with the audio file attached to it.
3. Sections. Any Cue within a Section will import but not the Section itself.
4. Skipped Cues or Pages. Any Skipped content will import, but it will not be Skipped.
5. Bible Cues. Although these will import, we are seeing the Verse numbers are not displaying correctly. They come through as subscript instead of superscript.


We are also discovering certain things that can cause the V6 Script to fail to import. We will update this list as needed:

1. Cues that use unsupported media files such as .aiff, .m4a, .wma and certain image formats such as .webp will cause the import to fail.
2. Cues with the Background set to "Custom" will cause the import to fail. This does not include "Media Objects" set to "Custom."


We are still making improvements to make the import process as seamless as possible and we greatly appreciate your patience as we make progress in this area.