How to create new Templates in MediaShout 7

What are Templates? 
Templates are more than just the Background you see when using them. Although the Background is applied to the template, the template will hold a lot more information. For the most part, this is ALL of your text settings, including the font style, font size, font color, font attributes (Bold, Underline, and Italics), alignment, and the size of the text box as well as any additional objects you have (like Reference Text Boxes, other media, and more). 

How do I make a new Template?
The process is rather simple and it works the same for Lyrics, Bible, and Text cues. In a nutshell, all you do is modify a template you are currently using and save it as a new one. But I will go a little deeper in the steps below. 

1. Insert the type of cue you want to create a template for.
2. Make sure a template is applied. 
3. Make sure you select the cue so it appears in the Edit area in the center of the workspace. 
4. Select a Stanza so it is in the Edit area. 
5. Click on the text. You should now see the text box with handles on all sides and in the corners. 
6. Drag the handles to resize the text box. This will resize the text box on all pages except the Title Page which we will cover later. 
7. Double-click in the text area so we can make changes in the "Formatting" section of the Ribbon. 
8. In the Formatting section, you can change your font attributes. Just be sure to right-click the Text Box to Apply Formatting to All Pages to apply the change to the entire cue. Failure to do this step will prevent the changes from being saved.
9. You can also change the background at this point if you want.
10. Once you have the cue to your liking, click the Templates Up Arrow (at the bottom right of the program) and click Save As. Then, enter a name and click Create. This will save a new template based on the changes you made to the cue.