Video and DVD Playback Issues

If you experience a lack of either video or audio when playing a DVD through MediaShout there are several things that you should check.

Video & DVD Playback Checklist

  1. Check your second screen resolution.  Go to the Windows Display Properties and make sure that your secondary monitor is NOT set to 640x480.  If it is then change it to 800x600 or higher.
  2. Make sure MediaShout is updated to the latest build.  In MediaShout, go to Help > Check For Updates to get the update, or download it from our website.
  3. Make sure you have all the latest Windows updates.  It is important to keep Windows updated because MediaShout keep up with the latest Windows technology. Keep checking for updates until Windows tells you that there aren't any more (this nearly always requires multiple rounds of updates).
  4. Make sure you have the right video card that is required for MediaShout.  We recommend a high-end gaming type video card with FULL DirectX 9+ support and at least 512 MB of "dedicated" video memory (VRAM). Check here for a list of cards we recommend.
  5. Make sure your video card drivers are up to date.  You can get the video card drivers either from the computer manufacturer's web site or the video card manufacturer's web site linked here.
    NVIDIA    - for GeForce or Quadro cards
    ATI/AMD - for Radeon or FirePro cards
  6. Install or tweak the video/dvd codecs.  We don't recommend tweaking codecs until after you have checked all other steps first.  If steps 1-6 do not work, then try downloading and installing codecs using the instructions provided here.