Reconcile Lyric Cue (SongSync) Feature in MediaShout

The Reconcile Lyric Cue (SongSync) feature in MediaShout looks for differences between two or more instances of a song  (i.e. the record in the song library and/or one or more lyric cues linked to this same record.)  SongSync has three modes;  AutoPrompted (default), and Off.  This setting is located in Tools>Settings>Songs.  (Tools>Settings>Text in v3.x)

Auto:  SongSync automatically replaces any older version of the song with the most recent version.  It doesn't matter whether the song record is the newest or a cue linked to it is newer.  The newest version always replaces all others.

Prompted  (Reconcile Lyric Cue):  SongSync opens a dialog that gives you the date, time, and location of each version.  You can then do one of the following:

  1. Refresh:  The cue in the script is modified to match the settings of the library record of that song.  (Unique settings in the cue will be lost.)
  2. Update:  The Song (library) record is modified to match settings of the cue in the script.  (Unique settings in the library record will be lost.)
  3. Add:  This creates a new (duplicate) copy of the song in the song library.  (No settings will be changed in the cue or the song library.  You can select this choice if you want to keep multiple versions of the same song.)
  4. Ignore:  The difference is ignored for now.  (No changes will be make to the cue or the song library record.  The options will pop up again the next time you open MediaShout.)