This comes up for discussion about twice a year - Psalms vs. Psalm. We agree that when you are referencing a single verse from the Book of Psalms, it is a Psalm, however, as these are digital files provided by the publisher, the book title is correctly entered as Psalms (since it is officially the Book of Psalms). Interestingly enough, the bigger issue is over the English language as we don't quote Proverbs as Proverb X:X. It is still Proverbs X:X. But the examples are identical. It is a fun debate that we have all struggled with from Day 1 over 17 years ago.

However, we have created a couple of special templates for those that want to display the singular vernacular of these books when inserting just one verse. The templates can be used in both MediaShout V5 and V6. Although the templates will reference Psalm and Proverb, you can only use them when inserting a single verse from the Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs. If applied to the Book of Ruth (for example) the reference will still say Psalm or Proverb.

At the bottom of this article you will find a Zip file called Psalm-ProverbTemplates. Once downloaded, right click the zip file and select "Extract All". Then with MeidaShout closed, go to (V5 users: C:\ProgramData\MediaComplete\MediaShout 5\Cue Templates) (V6 users: C:\ProgramData\MediaComplete\MediaShout 6\Cue Templates) and place the template files in this folder.

Note: These templates were created in MediaShout 6 for Windows. If no Background appears, add your own and resave the template.