The "Packer" utility is found under the "File" menu (File>Packer) and Packing a Script is the traditional way for preparing a Script for transport to another computer. MediaShout places a copy of the Script (.SSC) as well as a copy of all of the media files used in the Script into one folder. Note: If you aren't moving your presentation from computer to computer, then most users can use the standard Save Function (.SSC) as there is no need to Pack it.


1. Using a Packed Script is an easy way to transport the media files from one system to another, because they are easily accessible in the Packed folder. 

2. If you have the "Cloud" service called Dropbox, you can use the Pack and Sync to Cloud option. If not, you can create a free account. The article in the link below will have more on this feature.
Dropbox Sync + MediaShout 5.2


1. If you need to modify a Script after it is Packed, a) close the script, b) delete the Packed folder, c) reopen the Script, d) make your changes and e) Re-Pack. Failure to do this will cause issues with missing media in the Packed Script as well as the original Script.

2. If you save your Packed Scripts for use at a later time, do not use the media from the Packed Script or the cues in a Packed Script to create other scripts. If you do want to use the media, COPY the media files to the location on the system where you organize your media before using them in another Script. Cues in a Packed Script will always look in the Packed folder for the media, which is why you don't want to reuse these Scripts to create other Scripts.

OPTIONAL: If you don't need to save the Packed Scripts for use at a later time, you can safely delete them after you have saved any media files you want to keep.

3. If the Packed Script contains Lyrics that are not in the database on the system you are presenting from, when those new Lyrics are added to the database, they will be looking to the Packed folder for the media or background.

In this case, what you need to do is copy the media files used in these Lyric Cues to the location on the system where you organize your other media files. Then create a new Script and insert the new Lyrics. If the Packed Script has not been deleted, the backgrounds will still be applied from the Packed Folder location. However, you will want to change the background to use the media found in the new location.