Setting up my Computer

Each computer and video system setup are unique, but there are some things that you can do to avoid issues getting MediaShout setup and working successfully:


1) Set your computer to never sleep - this is found in the Power Settings in the Control Panel.
2) Set your computer to never hibernate - this is also in the Power Settings.
3) Set your computer to not turn off Displays or Hard Drives - this is also in the Power Settings.
4) Turn OFF System Sounds - This is in the Sounds section of the Control Panel.
5) Disable the Screen Saver - This is in the Display Settings of the Control Panel.


Once you do that, then we need to configure MediaShout to work with your video system.


1) Connect the computer to your video system.
2) Hold the WINDOWS Key and press "P" until Extend is selected.  You should now see your background image on both your computer and out to your video system.
3) Open MediaShout 5.
4) In Single Screen Mode (verify that the "1" icon is selected in the toolbar), go to the Tools Menu->Settings.
5) Go to the Displays Tab and in the middle column, note the Resolution provided.  OPTIONAL: If you also use the stage monitor, note the Resolution in the right column as well.
6) Go to the Cue Setup Tab and in the left column, in the second drop-down, choose the resolution that matches what you noted in Step 5.  OPTIONAL: If you also use the stage monitor, change the right column's drop down to match what you got in the second part of Step 5.
7) Under the resolution, change the drop down from Scale to Resize for both columns.
8) Close the settings box and then click the "2" icon in the toolbar to set it to Dual Screen Mode (or the "3" icon for Triple Screen Mode if you are using the Stage Monitor).


Now fire any cue and you should be good to go.  These settings are a one-time thing, so you will not need to do this but once on each computer you setup.