Script Control in MediaShout 5.2

Script Control

A script control can be used in your script to fire other cues for you.  If you click on the Play Cue button for a Script Control, it will fire whatever cue is selected as the Target in the Cue Editor.  This is very handy for Volunteer Mode as well, because it allows playing from the decks without the decks being visible.  The title text of the Script Control will tell you exactly what the control will be doing, so you know in your script what it's direction is.


Additionally, you can tell a script control to fire at a certain time.  This is called Scheduled Playing.  If the script is open and active, when the clock on your computer reaches the time set, then the Script Control will fire (and in turn fire the Target Cue).


The Script Control Target has a number of different options, all of which are explained below:


Loop Function


The Loop Function allows you to put a Script Control at the end of a series of cues and then set the target to be an earlier cue (like a set of announcements or pictures from a trip).  That way, as you advance through your cues (whether timed or manual), when you get the Script Control it will automatically put you back in the script where the Target Cue is.  It will continue to loop the cues between the Target Cue and the Script Control until you click on another cue outside of that section of cues.



Play Times not set to Loop


You can also set your Play Times to be any number between 1-10 and then when it is done it will auto advance to the Advance Target Cue.  Note: the Play Times is the number of times the Script Control plays, not the number of time the series of cues play.  For instance, if you play a set of cues and have a Script Control at the end set to Play Times: 1, then it will play the cues, play the Script Control once and jump back up and play the cues a second time.  When it gets to the Script Control again, this time it will go to the Advance Target Cue.  This allows you to set a certain number of times the Script Control plays before it advances to another cue outside the loop you have built.



Audio Deck


You can also fire a playlist in the Audio Deck from a Script Control.  If you have built a play list but don't want to go to the Audio Deck to fire the playlist, you can use a Script Control to trigger playing the audio.  Combine this with the Schedule Playing and you can start your playlist at a certain time.



Announcement Deck


You can also trigger Announcement Loops that you have created in the Announcement Deck.  Simply choose Announcement Deck and then choose your loop from the list.  Again, you can combine this with a Scheduled Playing to start your announcements at a certain time.



Cue Deck


You can also use a Script Control to fire the first cue in your Cue Deck.  This will simply play that cue to your screen.



Twitter Deck


You can also fire your approved tweets from your Twitter Deck.  Simply set your Script Control to target the Twitter Deck and any approved tweets will play in a loop like you were playing them from the deck.  You can find more on the Twitter Deck by going to our Knowledge Base Article.