MediaShout EULA (End User License Agreement)

Understanding licensing is important because it allows you to take full advantage of the software you've purchased. The purchase of MediaShout includes licensing to install the software on one or unlimited computers (explained below). We don't make a distinction between presentation systems and preparation systems because that provides the most flexibility to our customers to use those licenses any way they need. Some customers need three presentation systems in different areas. Some only need to present with one system, and they need the other licenses to prepare on staff or volunteer computers. We allow you the flexibility to use them however you need within these boundaries:

Each license (Site or single) is for a single church location and the ministry purposes of that church.  You may have multiple areas of ministry in your church using the software. However, if you have a separate campus you'll need to purchase a separate license for that campus.  If you have a separate ministry that shares your space and computer, they can use your copy of MediaShout on your computers.  But if they have their own computer(s) they'll need to purchase their own copy of the software.

Offsite ministries (like camps and short-term mission trips) aren't a problem if they're short term, but if you're planting another church, help them get off to a good start by providing them with their own copy of MediaShout.  When they flourish and grow into their own entity they'll be set up already with their own software.

Volunteers' computers at home can also be used.  We understand that most churches don't have enough paid staff to handle all of the prep work, so we've made it easy for those faithful volunteers to be able to do as much of that preparation as possible on their computer -- wherever they are.  We do ask that if a volunteer or staff member leaves your team (or your church) that you have them deactivate the software, so it doesn't end up being used in other locations.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing:

How many licenses/activations do I have?

First off, most churches will only have ONE License Code (unless they have multiple campuses or have purchased both Windows and Mac versions), but will have MANY activations of that code depending on what they purchased.  The number of activations is how many computers you can have MediaShout installed using your License Code on at the same time.

A standard license is for 3 computers (unless a Site License or additional activations were also purchased).

What is a Site License?

A Site License allows the user to activate as many systems as they need for their ministries at one location.

Where can I use the Site License?

The license can be used to activate any computer of the same platform (Window and/or Mac) that is used for the ministries at the church. This includes the personal computers of staff and volunteers. If staff or volunteers are called to other ministries, any personal computers that were activated must be deactivated.

Where can the Site License NOT be used?

You are not permitted to share the license with any other organization or person outside of your organization. This includes, but is not limited to other churches, missionaries or traveling ministries that the church may support.

Although a Site License allows for unlimited activations, as the term Site License implies, the license is for one site and cannot be shared with any other site or campus. If the church has multiple locations, each location needs to purchase their own licensed copy of the software. Putting it simply, if you do not share the parking lot, you cannot share the license.

The only exception to this rule is, if you share or rent out your sanctuary and computer with or to another organization.  Doing this is acceptable.  However, that organization needs to purchase their own copy of the software for use on any other computer they may need to use.

What if I need more than 3 computers and I only purchased a Single activation?

We certainly hope you do, and we've got a plan in place that will help you address that.  You can upgrade your Single activation license to a Site License. Simply give us a call and have your V6 license code handy. Once converted to a Site License and you'll be able to run the software on as many computers on that campus as you need, as long as it falls within the conditions listed above.  The best news is that once you've purchased a Site License, it can always be used with any future version of that product - forever!  So, when we come out with our next major upgrade, all you need to do is pay the standard upgrade fee. And yes, if you were wondering, that’s a really great deal!

What about your End User License Agreement (EULA)?

Some of us like to read the fine print and legal side to make sure we understand what we are getting into. We actually appreciate that. We’ve attached our EULA to the bottom of this article if you would like to download and read it prior to purchase. Of course, this may be updated from time to time, so know that you can always find the latest EULA right here.

So, what’s the bottom line?

The bottom line is this: We'd really love to be able to just give you all the software for free, but we really need to feed our families, put braces on our kid's teeth, etc. And we would also love to be able to continue pushing forward with improvements and upgrades to the software so it makes your ministry even more effective and provides you tools to accomplish all that God has called you to.  Licensing helps us do that by providing a system that ensures you get a fair value for the resources you've invested, and we have sufficient resources to continue helping you accomplish your mission. And that's definitely a win-win situation!