Importing EasyWorship and ProPresenter Files in MediaShout 5.2

EasyWorship Song Files

You can import EasyWorship Song Data files into MediaShout 5.2.  If you have EasyWorship on your system and installed in the default location, simply go to the Lyrics Deck, Settings Icon, Add Lyrics -> From EW... This will automatically locate your EasyWorship Song Data file in it's default location and convert it right into your library.

If EasyWorship is on another computer, copy the entire "Data" folder and bring it to the new computer on a flash drive. If EasyWorship is installed but the library is not installed in the default location, then you will want to find the Songs.db file that is usually found in the following path:


Simply navigate to that location and add the database by going to the Lyric Deck->Settings->Add Lyric->From File... and then choosing the EasyWorship file format and selected the Songs.db file.


ProPresenter Files

You can also import ProPresenter 4 and ProPresenter 5 lyric files into MediaShout 5.2.  The files for ProPresenter are individual files for each song.  Simply use the Lyric Deck->Settings->Add Lyrics->From ProP... and choose the files you want to import (note: you can select multiple files to import at the same time).