Adding Copyright Information To A Song

Given the changes that needed to happen in order to support multiple objects, the pages in a cue are actually seen as "Pages". You can save the Copyright information to the last page in a song in a template, but lets say the song only has 3 pages. If that template is applied to a song with 6 pages, the Copyright will show on page 3. Also keep in mind, if you are inserting page breaks(Ctrl+Enter) to split up a stanza, you are adding more pages.

So we need to do this a little differently in MediaShout 5. But keep in mind, once you apply the Copyright information to a song, it only needs to be done once, unless you change the play order. So let's begin.

First, if you want the organization's CCLI number to show, it must first be entered into MediaShout. Go to Tools/Settings/Lyrics and enter it in the space provided.

Open the Cue in the editor and select the Other Objects tab.

1. Select the first page of the first Stanza.
2. Select the Copyright Info 1 object. If the "Eye" is open, click it to close it.
3. Using the Reference Data buttons, select the data you wish to display. Note: The CCLI License button is for the Song.
4. If you want to display the Organization's CCLI number to show, right click the in the text box and select "CCLI no." at the bottom of the Song Data list.
5. If you highlight the text in the text box, you can use the Text Tools to modify or change the text attributes.

Now select the Main Object tab and click on the Template Options button. From here, you can save the changes to the current template, or save it as a new template.

Lastly, go back to the Other Objects tab and select the page where you want to display the information and open the "Eye" for the Copyright Info 1 object.

Whenever this template is applied to other songs, repeating the last step is all that is required.