Sometimes users need to open a script in MediaShout version 3.x that was originally saved and packed in MediaShout version 4.x.  You can open a packed version 3.x script directly in version 4 by default.  However, you can't open a version 4 script in version 3.  You have to save the version 4 script file as a version 3 script.

Here are instructions for packing and saving a MediaShout version 4 script to use in version 3.x:

  1. In MediaShout v4, go to File>Packer.
  2. Pack up the script.
  3. Go to the packed folder and open the script file again in v4.
  4. Go to File>Save As.
  5. Change the Save As Type to MediaShout 3.5 Script (*.ssc).
  6. Select Save.

Now you should be able to open the packed script in v3.