Deactivating MediaShout v4 & Computer ID

Uninstalling MediaShout v4 does NOT automatically deactivate the software, so it is necessary to follow this process before removing the software from a computer on which you no longer intend to run MediaShout.  Doing this will enable you to reuse the license on another computer.  In order to deactivate normally within the software you will need an active internet connection.  (If you do not have internet access you will need to contact our customer care team and they can assist you with deactivating off-line.)  Once you have completed this process MediaShout 4 can no longer be used on the computer, and you can proceed to uninstall the software (if desired).

Here are the instructions for deactivating MediaShout 4:

  1. In MediaShout, go to Tools > License Manager.
  2. Click Deactivate.
  3. Click Close.

After deactivation you can either uninstall MediaShout or leave it installed in case you want to reactivate it at a later time.

NOTE:  MediaShout v4 comes with a standard license for 3 computers.  If you need to install on more than your licensed number of computers you will need to purchase additional licenses or deactivate one of the computers it is currently activated on.  If you have already purchased additional licensing in the past, you can install it on as many computers as that licensing allows.  If you have sufficient licensing that covers all the computers needed and you are unable activate, please contact our Customer Service department for help.


Computer Installation ID

When you activate MediaShout v4 and insert your license code it will generate an Installation ID#.  This in turn will generate an activation code which is based on that Installation ID#.  Sometimes we need to manually deactivate a user's computer in special circumstances.  We have to have that ID# in order to do so.  Here is where to find that number:

  1. Outside of MediaShout, go to C:>Program Files>MediaComplete>MediaShout 4 and double click License Manager.exe.
  2. After the License Manager utility opens, go to Help>About License Manager.

This should list the Installation ID# for that computer.