Installing Additional Bibles and Media

There are options for downloading additional media to use in MediaShout.  This includes bible versions and Shoutable media.  To access this feature, you can go to Tools > Resource Manager and add the additional media.  Here are instructions for doing this:  

NOTE:  If you have purchased the upgrade from v3.x you will need to install the Bible files from a v3 installation disk.  This is due to the fact that you didn't purchase the Bible licenses with the upgrade because you already purchased those with your previous version.  To install from those resources, please see the instructions below for using the MediaShout Installation Disk.

  1. In Mediashout, go to Tools > Resource Manager.
  2. Choose a source in the menu on the left:
    • MediaShout Installation Disc:  This uses the original install DVD.  V3 upgrade customers can insert their v3.x installation disk to access the bibles (close the v3 installer if it opens automatically).
    • Online Resource Manager:  This uses our online database.  (This generally takes longer as media files have to be downloaded from the Internet.)
    • Other File Location:  This is only used in special cases by our support team.
  3. After choosing your install method, a list of check boxes will be displayed for items that you can install.
  4. Check the boxes of the items that you want to install.
  5. Click on the Install button in the middle.