Adding Song Lyrics with SongSelect

CCLI has recently added the ability for us to make our integration with SongSelect even better. This new integration allows you to search for songs and import them using MediaShout's Song Deck, without the need for additional web browsers. 


  • CCLI's new integration disables the ability to import directly from their website using MediaShout.
  • Version 3.x users will no longer be able to import SongSelect songs using the current method.

Adding Songs via SongSelect

  1. Open MediaShout and browse to the Song Deck.
  2. From the Deck Source drop-down menu on the left (see image below), select the SongSelect option. (The first time you use this feature, you'll be asked to log in.)
  3. Type a title, lyric or author name into the search field, and hit Enter. Song Deck will return results from SongSelect's online database, and can be arranged by Title, Author or Song ID.
  4. Double-click on a song, and you'll see a confirmation asking if you want to add the song to your Library.
  5. Click Add, and the song is immediately added into your Library, using your default template.
  6. The icon next to the song title will change from a green plus (+) sign to a treble clef, showing that the song is now a part of your MediaShout Song Library.