Using the Twitter Deck

In MediaShout 5.1, we introduced the Twitter Deck.  Here is a walkthrough of how to use it as well as advanced functionality of the deck:


Playing Tweets to the screen

To play to the screen follow these steps:

1) In the search box, type in any word, phrase, user account (@user) or hash tag (#hashtag) and hit enter.
2) Click the green check beside any tweet you want to approve (up to 100 maximum). The tweet will now move to the Approved List at the bottom.
3) Click on the Play button to fire a tweet to the screen.
4) It will then use your settings to advance through the tweets.  See below for more information on changing settings.


Deck Overview

The top portion of the deck is where you will Change Settings, Setup Templates, Search for Tweets, and Approve Tweets for playback.


The bottom portion is where you will actually play tweets from, including setting up auto playing, shuffle, etc.


Clicking the Clear All will remove all tweets from the approved list.

At the bottom, the four buttons and drop down correspond with the following:

1) Play Tweets
2) Loop
3) Shuffle
4) Choose Default Template Option
5) Choose the Template for the selected Tweet (drop down)


Settings for Tweet Deck

Clicking on the Gear Icon and choosing settings will bring up the following window.

Here you cab turn on Loop, Shuffle, and change the auto-advance duration.  In addition, you can do the following:

1) Approve Tweets Automatically - this will allow you to just type a search criteria and anything that it finds with that will automatically be approved.
2) Filter Tweets Automatically - this will allow you to filter tweets based on words used.  This is designed to be used in conjunction with the Approve Tweets function.  You can edit the list of words by clicking the Edit Filter List button.
3) Refresh Search Results - this will automatically refresh the results every X seconds as you so choose.
4) Find "25" number of Tweets - this is the maximum number of tweets that it will put in the box at the top for the approval process.  Be aware, if you are using the refresh search results function, as you approve tweets and they are removed from the top portion, every time it refreshes, it will replace them with new tweets up to the total number you have listed.


Creating a Template for Twitter

We've included a few templates to get you started with the Twitter Deck.  You can modify those or create your own by going to the Gear Icon and choosing Edit / Create Templates.  Just like your other Cue Editors, here is where you can layout how your tweets will appear on your screen.


Once you are done editing the layout and want to save it to a template, simply click the drop down arrow next to the Template Picture in the top left and choose Save as New Template.  You can also choose to set that template as the default once you have saved it.

In the lower left portion of the Twitter Deck, you will see the objects that make up the view.  An explanation is below:

1) Twitter Date / Time - this shows the date and time the tweet was originally posted.
2) Twitter Text - this is the content of the tweet itself (note: pictures embedded in a tweet are not included in the tweet).
3) @ Twitter Handle - this is the Twitter User Name.
4) Profile Picture - this is the user's profile picture from their Twitter Account (note: images can not be filtered).
5) Profile Header - this is the user's background/header image from their Twitter Account (note: Images can not be filtered).
6) Particle Lines (example) - this is the background image inside MediaShout.  This can be changed to any other image / video / color, etc.