Importing a v3 Song Library into v4

To use MediaShout v3 songs in v4 you will need to import them into the v4 database.  If you have MediaShout v3 installed on the same machine, then you can use the v3 database (Songs3.mdb) located in My Shout > Song Library.  If you do not have v3 installed on the same machine, you can copy the file from another computer that does have it installed and bring it to the computer and import it into v4.  The only other option would be to reinstall MediaShout v3 from the original installation disk on the computer and you can import the default database once it is installed.  (This will contain only the default songs that come with the software and NOT custom songs that have been imported or created from scratch.)

What you need to do is Export your v3 songs and then import them into your v4 song database.  Here are instructions for doing this:

Exporting The v3 Songs

  1. In MediaShout v3.x, go to Tools > ShoutSinger.
  2. Select File > Export Songs.
  3. Choose ShoutSong Data file v3 as the Destination Type.
  4. Hit Next.
  5. Click the Browse button.  (This will allow you to designate a name for the exported file and a location on your computer where it will save the file.)
  6. Name the file that is to be exported in the File Name field.
  7. Under Save In at the top, designate where you want MedaShout to save the file.
  8. Hit Save.
  9. Hit Next.
  10. Select the song/s that you want to export.  (This will give you a choice between CurrentAll, or Selected songs.)
  11. Hit Export.

Now, the song/s will be saved in a database file on your computer.  If you need to import them into MediaShout v4 on the same computer, then continue to the next step.  If you need to import them into MediaShout v4 on a different computer, then you will need to copy the file to a jump drive, cd, network, etc., take it to the target computer, copy the file to that computer's hard drive, and import the file into the MediaShout v4 song database.

Import The v3 Songs Into MediaShout v4

  1. Open MediaShout v4 and go to the Songs deck.
  2. Go to the Song Library Tools Menu located at the top right corner.  (big blue triangle pointing down)
  3. Select Add Songs > From Files.
  4. Choose Song data file as the Source Type.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click on the Browse button and it will let you browse the computer and select the v3 database file.  (Songs3.mdb)
  7. Hit Open.  (It will take you back to the previous window.)
  8. Click Next. Be sure to select 'Skip Duplicates with identical Title and Song ID' if you don't want any duplicates.

At this point, it will walk you through importing the songs.  After it finishes importing the songs should be in MediaShout v4.