Dropbox Sync + MediaShout 5.2

Dropbox Sync

The new Dropbox Sync inside MediaShout 5.2 gives you the ability to save your packed scripts, individual media files, and cues right to your Dropbox account without having to exit MediaShout.  This can be a very easy way to keep files and presentations synched across multiple computers.  To use the the sync, you do have to have a Dropbox account (which is free).  Just go to the Media Deck and click on the Cloud Tab and click Sign In to get started.


The following window will prompt you for your credentials or you can create a new account.


Once you login, then MediaShout will create a folder inside your Dropbox root called Apps.  Inside the Apps folder is a MediaShout folder which then has a folder for Cues, Media, and Packed Scripts.  Once you have files in your drop box folder, they will appear in MediaShout 5, under the Media Deck -> Cloud Tab.


The Check Marks next to the file means that it is in sync with Dropbox.  The Up Arrow means that you have loaded a file in MediaShout, but it hasn't been uploaded to Dropbox yet.  The Down Arrow means there is a file in Dropbox that you haven't downloaded inside MediaShout yet.  You will also see file sizes for each of the elements there.  At the top of the deck, you will also see various buttons.


The first button is the Play Button and allows you to fire a cue or media file right from within the Cloud Tab as long as it is on your computer.  Simply select the Cue or Media and click the Play Button.  The next button is the Upload Button.  Select any file that needs to be uploaded and click this button.  The next is the Download Button.  Select any file that needs to be downloaded and click this button.  The next button is the Delete button and will delete whatever file you have selected.  Finally, there is a Refresh Button that will allow you to refresh the view if you've recently uploaded files from another computer.


Adding Files to the Packed Scripts section

To add a file to the Packed Scripts section, go to the File Menu->Pack and Sync to Cloud.  This will immediately pack the presentation into a folder and prepare it for upload to the cloud.  Before you upload, you can always check the file size against your available space to make sure you have enough space for the file to sync.


Adding Files to the Media Section

To add files to the Media Section, simply drag and drop from Windows Explorer right into the Media section of the deck.  You can also click and drag files from the Files Tab of the Media Deck to the Cloud Tab and then right into the Media Section.  When you are ready to upload, simply click the file and press the upload button or right-click on the file and choose Upload from the menu that appears.


Adding Cues to the Cues Section

You can add cues to the Cues Section by simply dragging and dropping them from the Script or from another deck.  Again, click on the file and click the upload button to sync it to Dropbox.